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The Process

In the beginning: The process will start with the counselee filling out an "intake" form, followed by an initial interview to discuss the form and the way ahead for counseling or coaching sessions.

Individual Counseling: It is our policy that counselors or coaches will not meet with members of the opposite sex, or children, alone behind closed doors (unless visibility is maintained through a window at all times). If counseling needs to take place behind closed doors without visibility, counselees will be referred to another counselor of the same sex (as the counselee) for further counseling or discipleship. Or, a third person, male or female, may be brought to the sessions. If the counselee’s spouse is willing and available, he or she is welcome and invited to be present at the discretion of the counselee. It is our policy to counsel children with their parents present, if at all possible. These sessions may include private talks combined with a time of talking with the parent in the room with us. “Youth protection” guidelines will be maintained at all times (parent or another adult will always be within view, but may be out of listening range).

Length of Counseling: Our purpose is not to counsel individuals or couples over an extended period of time. If you need such counseling, you will be referred to a licensed professional counselor. We will maintain contact with you and your licensed counselor if you choose and give written permission to do so. Sessions will generally not exceed 90 minutes and 8 Р12 sessions.

Confidentiality: All communication, including notetaking and recordkeeping, between the counselor and the counselee is deemed to be privileged information, and will not be disclosed unless it involves harm to others, harm to the counselee, violates the law, and/or written consent has been given. Note: Legal privileged information/communication is extended to pastoral counseling (as members of the clergy) but not to life coaches (but confidentiality is still maintained).

Non-Discrimination: All persons are welcome for counseling regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and national origin. Counseling sessions will focus on Christian Biblical principles, however, people who do not believe in God or Jesus, or who follow a different faith, are welcome to attend and will be respected. In this case, the counselee, or others with the counselee, must also demonstrate respect for the beliefs of the counselor or sessions will be terminated and the counselee will be referred to another caregiver.