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There are no set financial fees for pastoral counseling or coaching, however, donations/honorariums/love offerings to the ministry are accepted. There may also be some financial costs for tests administered, books required, or materials distributed. All pre-marital counseling, and most marital counseling, will require an initial assessment at a cost of $100.

We provide counseling and coaching as a ministry and do not have set prices for these services. However, if you would like to make a donation and need assistance in determining how much you would like to donate, we suggest visiting the following link to review suggested donations for similar services: Google Search for Recommended Pastoral Counseling Donations. Please remember any time spent with you on the part of the counselor or coach is also time spent away from their families and/or other activities. Counselors and coaches serve as ministry first, however, the ministry is very limited without financial support from its beneficiaries. 

Regardless of whether or not you donate an honorarium/love offering, these services will cost you time, honesty, and hard work. As previously noted, there may also be some financial costs for tests administered, books required, or materials distributed; but the lack of funds will not stand in the way of this counseling process. Individuals being counseled or coached may be expected to conduct various homework assignments (assessments, journal, readings, praying, and studying), and a following session will not be scheduled until the assignment is completed. When scheduling an appointment through administrative staff, you may be asked if you have completed all assignments given. If the assignments have not been completed, you may not be scheduled without the express permission of the counselor or coach. Doing outside assignments is vital to your future spiritual and emotional health.