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Please note that all services are provided as a ministry, however, we greatly appreciate you financially supporting us. When you support us, your donations are delivered into the general fund of the ministry and may or may not be used to pay counselors or coaches, but will rather be used as needed by the church. Therefore, these donations are not for services provided and are tax deductible (see information below) for the donor (please keep your receipt for your accounting purposes).

If you are required to purchase specific materials or access codes for counseling or coaching services, the church will purchase them initially and you will be required to reimburse the church for those items using this link. You may donate the specific amount designated or increase it to add a gift.

Again (as previously noted), we provide counseling and coaching as a ministry and do not have set prices for these services. However, if you would like assistance in determining how much you would like to donate, we suggest visiting the following link to review suggested donations for similar services: Google Search for Recommended Pastoral Counseling Donations

You may click on the "Donate" button to the right of the screen in order to make an online donation. Please note that the Center for Christian Counseling and Coaching is an outreach of Crossroads Christian Fellowship church. The full legal name of the church is "Crossroads International Christian Fellowship, and this is what will show up on your receipt.

For tax deduction purposes, please keep your receipt and the following information:

Legal Name: Crossroads International Christian Fellowship

EIN: 83-1079521