The Center for Christian Counseling and Coaching 

Biblically-Based Foundations for Life

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Welcome To the center for christian counseling and coaching!

The Center for Christian Counseling and Coaching, or C4, was established to provide biblically-based foundations for life. Whether that requires assistance with major lifestyle changes or simply guidance towards a life built around a biblical worldview, our counseling and coaching services are focused on the most important aspect of our existence - a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

C4 does not provide licensed, professional counselors; instead, all counseling is biblically-based, conducted by ordained ministers (who are trained pastoral counselors) or trained laypersons, guided by the Holy Spirit, and modeled towards imitating Jesus Christ. We assume that almost every conflict in our lives is the result of a spiritual problem. While this may not always be the case, that will be our starting point. Because this is not licensed counseling, neither the Center for Christian Counseling and Coaching nor individual counselors will be held liable for what may be understood as professional malpractice. C4 services may be considered more in the context of Christian discipleship rather than professional counseling. C4 counselors and coaches will not provide counseling and/or coaching for issues in which they are not trained, and shall, at any time, refer individuals being counseled or coached to other service professionals (e.g., licensed professional counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health provider) if it is deemed to be in their best interest. 

The Center for Christian Counseling and Coaching is a part of the International College for Christian Studies.